Mark Mc Gregor



As a Canadian—now living in Switzerland-I have my roots in the world of hockey. I worked for many years as a player, coach, and manager for top teams in Germany and Switzerland. I also had the opportunity to work with Team Canada at six Spengler Cup tournaments.

Since 1999, I have worked full-time as in-house trainer, coach, and keynote speaker. My education—University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Physical Education—provided an ideal foundation for my work today. I extended this with further education as a trainer and speaker in Australia and Canada. 

Early on, I identified the link between high performance in sport and high performance in business as there are many parallels between these two worlds. Drawing on my past experiences in professional sport, I have many personal examples and exciting real-life stories to share. My passion is leadership development. This includes coaching, team vision, team work, motivation, high -performance, communication, and psychology of winning.

I believe that the development of leaders and leadership is the competitive advantage.

The core of my philosophy is that leadership development is an inside-out process. It begins by defining clear values and creating a mission on a personal level. This leads to effective leadership on a professional level.


Crystal Jonas



For over 19 years, I’ve been coaching high-tech professionals, customer service representatives, engineers, finance, IT professionals, and others to enhance their soft skills and communication skills with workshops, seminars, and training.

Whether you’re looking for a keynote speaker for your conference or a team-building workshop or seminar at your organization, you can be sure that with Crystal Jonas—The People Skills Lady—you’ll be getting cutting-edge, powerful, and proven insight into communication success.

As an eight-time published author, I created books, CDs, and countless articles on the topic of people-skills, communication skills, and personal and professional career success. I have delivered over 120 soft-skills keynotes, workshops, and seminars on the very topic that can guarantee you success.

Each seminar, workshop, and training session is customized to meet your unique needs and interests.

You might be looking for professional training that includes leadership development, team building, and conflict management; communication coaching for a small group; or communication coaching for your leaders, both current managers or emergent leaders.

Delivering diverse training and workshops, understanding and building teams with different personality types, working with generational differences, interacting well with cultural diversity, professionally interacting with difficult people and challenging customers have all been topics I’ve helped my clients master.

Whatever your communication interests and challenges, you can rest assured that you’ve found the place and the person to help. Crystal Jonas is “The People Skills Lady.”

Slacking and procrastination are no longer options in the competitive business environment of today. Employees have to be raring to go and delivering their 110% for the business’s success. We, at CrystalConsults, provide training course to boost your employees’ morale and motivation levels. Our team includes professionals such as a leadership trainer, skill trainer, professional speaker, motivational keynote speakers, and corporate trainers. Our events and courses are based on the psychology of change which emphasizes the employee’s contribution towards the success of the company.

We train the employees the art of self-mastery and how to view personal achievement. After completing our course, the employees will have enhanced social skills in addition to acquiring assertiveness as a personality trait. If you want to keep pace with your competitors, it is essential to keep your employees motivated and encouraged. Contact CrystalConsults and our people will come over to do the job for you.


I’d like to thank you for an excellent session that resonated well with everyone involved, and I would like to personally thank you for the special attention as it assisted me tremendously in my evolving challenging role … kinda puts things into perspective and lays out the required preparation and attributes I need to manage in order to conquer the challenges ahead.  
It particularly helped me focus my 100-day plan, and on the call with my global boss, there was little to dispute as I learned how to focus efforts and...

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