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Thriving In The New Normal-What Tech Companies And Employees Must Do


Crystal Jonas

Extract from ''The People Skills Lady, communication skils''



Just What Must the Tech Companies Do Now Since the Demand for Employees Exceeds Supply to Survive in “The New Normal?



Tech companies be aware: Stats prove there are too few qualified technical professionals for the positions open now, and those opening over the next several years; the “New Normal” era...


Your Reputation And How Other People See You


Crystal Jonas

Extract from ''The People Skills Lady''


How often do think about how other people see you? 

Now, I’m not saying you *always* need to care about your reputation. Yet, I recommend to my seminar and coaching clients that as long as it doesn’t contradict your values, you might want to care how people perceive you.



While you have the big picture (the context) into why you react as you do, others don’t...



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