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Your Reputation And How Other People See You


Crystal Jonas

Extract from ''The People Skills Lady''


How often do think about how other people see you? 

Now, I’m not saying you *always* need to care about your reputation. Yet, I recommend to my seminar and coaching clients that as long as it doesn’t contradict your values, you might want to care how people perceive you.



While you have the big picture (the context) into why you react as you do, others don’t have the rest of the story.

Here’s what this means to you: Your reputation is based on brief snapshots in time, taken completely out of context!

Keep this in mind when you’re ready let your emotions get the better of you.  Even though you feel justified, others don’t get why you’re emos are out of bounds, and you could do some serious damage to your reputation.

Reputations, like beauty, are in the eyes of the beholder.  You have a good rep because *other people* say you do.

So, your reputation is like a book, with the chapters written by all the people who know you.

Ask yourself: Are the chapters in your book congruent?  Do they read as though the all describe the same person?  Someone who has standards as high as yours?

Something to think about.

With love and respect,


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