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Leadership is a choice ... not a formal position!


Mark Mcgregor

Extract from ''Leadership is a choice  ... not a formal position!''


Leadership is all about taking responsibility and creating the future. A set of fundamental skills, qualities and principles build the basis. Clear values and vision give the leaders a compass to help them find their way.




Leadership training enhances managers' and executives' skills to...


Supervisor Support Critical for Innovative Behaviors


Greg Alder
"Extract from the forthcoming book "The Fine Art of Losing Clients"




Are you a natural at losing clients? You know what? You dont have to be born a loser to become a loser. Anyone can enjoy an enviable (if costly) reputation for losing clients.




How do you lose clients? Easy. In fact, to lose clients you mightn't need to change a single...



“ProSeed provided our Group with a customized and comprehensive training solution, aimed at strengthening our operations across various markets with their global expertise.

From a tailor-made curriculum, to the best global trainers, they successfully addressed the specific needs of our multicultural teams, who enjoyed the practical and inspiring workshops, designed to help them improve all areas of their day-to-day business activities and performance.”

Choueiri Group,