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Negotiation Skills


Everyone talks about win-win situations, but it has just become another cliché. What is a win-win situation? When both parties are happy? Unfortunately, that is not good enough. Skilled negotiation goes beyond happiness. The three criteria for success should be Wisdom, Efficiency, and Relationship. That is, a successful negotiation is one that produces a Wise outcome in an Efficient manner and improves—or at least does not harm—the Relationship. The Road to Negotiation workshop will show you how to achieve that success.



•To achieve better outcomes for both parties

•To reduce the emphasis on price and promote fairer financial outcomes

•To strengthen relationships between negotiators

•To enable a clearer understanding of another’s point of view

•To equip “weaker" negotiators to deal with powerful ones

•To show the benefits of negotiating creatively.



Our workshop is a road trip from Chicago to LA on the famous Route 66. It is highly involving, small on theory and big on practice. Participants will conduct at least three negotiations and will have the opportunity to include a negotiation they currently face at work.



•What is Negotiation?

•The perfect result: Wise outcome achieved Efficiently while maintaining the Relationship

•Knowing what I want: My Interests

•Knowing what they want: Their Interests

•Separating the people from the problem

•Getting what we both want: The proper win-win situation

•Generating options

•Getting a commitment

•Extra tips and tactics such as incremental concessions, bargaining, and body language.



This workshop is relevant to those who deal with others in order to reach any sort of agreement, whether inside the agency, with suppliers, media, or clients. It can be pitched at middle or senior levels, although mixing levels is not recommended. The ideal number of participants for this workshop is 10 or 12. An even number is preferred.



The workshop is conducted over two consecutive days.


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