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Public Speaking Training


Communication within and between companies is critical to the success of any business. It is the power of speaking that bonds an organization together, turning a group into a team and individuals into a company. In effective management, it is passionate communication that inspires, rallies, and motivates. Indeed, it is the spoken word that is the deal-maker, the bond-builder, and the core of every relationship your company may establish. Our public speaking and presentation workshops are designed to enable management and executives within an organisation to inspire with simple words and to convey passion, and authority. Everyone has a voice—we'll give it presence, persuasion, and command.


Workshop Objectives

To arm each participant with control and understanding of the voice and body in speaking

•To provide a comprehensive speaking skill-set that can be deployed uniquely by each individual, complementing their natural speaking style

•To equip each speaker with the understanding and ability to scale and adapt the skills to different speaking environments, from formal and large to intimate and small

•To reduce or eradicate idiosyncrasies that confuse the speakers delivery or conflict with their style

•To provide a thorough understanding of effective speaking, a platform from which the speaker can continue to develop with experience

•To build confidence within the speaker, not a taught confidence but a true confidence developed naturally as the speaker feels armed with skills that work and can be relied upon

•To deliver the workshop in a manner that is dramatic, interactive, emotional, and entertaining, ensuring that the skills will remain firmly remembered and highly valued.


Training Theme and Structure

Drawing from the skills of professional acting theorists, such as Constantin Stanislavski and others, this course has a theatrical and emotive theme. Using both classical texts and corporate material, it contains twists and genuinely powerful moments.

This dramatic two-day workshop consists of three parts:

•The Actor. A highly intensive professional acting training. This will embed the first and fundamental skills of the course—the use of the voice and body to convey passion and emotion.

•The Speaker. The skills of part one are now tuned to public speaking. Other more specific and advanced skills are now added to the skill-set.

•The Communicator. These skills are now scaled to differing speaking environments. A strong emphasis on each speaker's unique style is now introduced to the training.


Workshop Content

Part One 

Breathing and vocal resonance.

Energizing of the vowels: How to convey intent, drama, and passion with words

The volcanic actor/speaker: The pressure that fuels the emotion

The power of stillness and silence

Part Two

The energizing breath: Stand, engage, deliver

The 3 pauses: Static, dynamic, and dramatic.

The 4 gestured objects: The globe, the gate, the box, and the rhythm stick

Rhythms and inflections, including major and minor tones

Roadmapping and listing, the embedded structure

Part Three

Scaling: Adjusting the skills to the room or event

Personalizing: Dropping and employing skills in tandem with your speaking style and intent.

The debate: Each member of the group experiences using all the skills in a showcase “Debate” at the end of the course


Target Participants

Although usually delivered for groups of management and executives, this course would benefit all members of a company who speak as part of their work. Whether for internal team meetings, appraisals, pitches, board meetings, or for large, more formal public speaking events, the skills will improve the effectiveness and power of delivery. The ideal number of participants is between 10 and 20. An even number is helpful but not essential.


Workshop Duration 

The workshop is conducted over two consecutive days.


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…fantastic course, team were fully engaged, energy levels up and new enthusiasm... and even more importantly they were happier... 
not sure if its happy people are productive people or productive 
people are happy, depends on the individual, but you got to start 
somewhere and happy seems like a great start

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