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Account Management 1- Boot Camp


Even those who join our industry after studying Advertising, Mass Communication, or Marketing aren’t equipped to walk in and perform the job up to the necessary standard. We need to provide the basic training to equip every account person with the appropriate skills for the next battle.



The Account Management Boot Camp is designed to provide the basic, yet essential training that every Account person needs. Our workshop follows the same principles of basic training employed successfully in the armed forces: Tough, uncompromising, and rigorous training of the essentials that demand the best of every individual. The difference is that we don’t punish people with push-ups. Instead, we balance the discipline with fun.



 •To provide every account person with a full and thorough understanding of his/her role

•To uncover the essential skills required to do the job effectively

•To address the key account management functions and provide the tools needed to understand and perform the role

•To give the participants the confidence to contribute to client and agency issues.



The armed forces would never expect a soldier to go to war without basic training. Now you might not be at war, but your account people will definitely face battles with clients, planners, and creatives;battles that will be lost unless they have the basic training required.

To deny them the basic training is certain to result in lost battles that could cost you dearly in terms of staff turnover, poor briefs, unfocused strategies, loss of client trust and confidence, and project “re-work”.

The theme is military boot camp. It’s a rich metaphor for what’s in store: We “drill” the participants in the essentials; we equip them for battle; we shoot down the myths of account management; we send them on missions; and so on. It makes for an enjoyable and memorable experience.



•The fundamentals of account management

•Relationships—internal and external

•Strategy development

•Consumer insights

•Creative briefing

•Brand leadership

•Evaluating creative

•Case study—employing the workshop learning.



This workshop is essential for all junior Account Management and Media people. The workshop works best with large numbers so it suits large agencies and industry groups that cater for account people from multiple agencies. The ideal number of participants is up to 30.



The workshop is conducted over three consecutive days with two facilitators who will both have at least 15 years of advertising/media experience.



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“ProSeed provided our Group with a customized and comprehensive training solution, aimed at strengthening our operations across various markets with their global expertise.

From a tailor-made curriculum, to the best global trainers, they successfully addressed the specific needs of our multicultural teams, who enjoyed the practical and inspiring workshops, designed to help them improve all areas of their day-to-day business activities and performance.”

Choueiri Group,