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Account Management 2 - Super heroes


We have taken years and years of Account Management experience and put them together in a 2-day Superheroes of Account Management workshop. In this workshop we meet three Account Management Superheroes and see how they do it.

They’re super at relationships, getting results, and running the business.



• To discover the essential skills required to be an effective account person

• To break down the components of Account Management into manageable, learnable chunks

• To equip your account people with the confidence for them to contribute to the client’s and agency’s success.



Account Management people get a bad name. They probably have the hardest job in the agency, yet they hardly ever receive any praise for what they do. The account manager's life is truly tough and it requires a super person to do the job effectively.

The workshop is themed to Superheroes and there are plenty of visual and auditory stimuli to keep the topic alive and involving. The metaphor flatters the participants and encourages them to perform super deeds. This is truly a super workshop that will get super results.

Superman has x-ray vision. Spiderman can climb vertical surfaces. Batman has supersensitive hearing and Wonder woman is just plain wonderful. Each is a superhero. But could they do the account manager’s job? The account person needs Super Powers that aren’t found in even the most revered superhero.



• Understanding the role and importance of Account Management

• Personal relationships, building trust, and getting the best from people

• Understanding the clients’ business and how to help them be successful

• Mastering the advertising and marketing worlds

• Getting things done by leading the client and being more persuasive and influential.


NOTE: The workshop is modular so we can include almost any skill that your agency’s account people need.


Whereas Boot Camp is for large numbers, possibly from different organizations, this is a smaller, private workshop for single organizations. It is perfect for people who need to deal with clients and can be adapted to their level of experience. It is also helpful for Media people who now find themselves having to deal with clients. We have a senior version and a junior version. The ideal number of participants is up to 16.



The workshop is conducted over two consecutive days.

TM Superheroes of Account Management is a trademark of Allsorts Habit Creation.




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…fantastic course, team were fully engaged, energy levels up and new enthusiasm... and even more importantly they were happier... 
not sure if its happy people are productive people or productive 
people are happy, depends on the individual, but you got to start 
somewhere and happy seems like a great start

Henkel Information Technology, Gordon Tredgold, Head of Global Service Delivery (GSD),