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Winning Business - Pitch to Win


No matter how satisfied you are with your current client list, every business needs to win new business regularly. After all, inevitably you will lose business through client mergers and acquisitions or a change in management. A current client might be tempted away from right under your nose or the client’s business might go into decline for reasons unrelated to your business.

Winning new business also helps morale and injects variety into your workplace, stimulating people and strengthening their skills.

To put it bluntly, if you don’t win new business regularly, the long term trend of your business is downward.



Most companies have an ad hoc approach to new-business, pitching for everything that comes their way and counting themselves lucky if they win 25% of them. The pitches are time and energy sapping and very costly. A 25% return isn’t good enough. What if we could double the success rate to 50%? Imagine the impact in terms of money and morale.

This workshop helps businesses focus attention on the art and science of new business. Luck has nothing to do with it.



We have one over-arching objective: To push your new-business success rate higher. Specific objectives include:

•To establish a new-business plan

•To form effective new-business teams combining the right skills and experience

•To establish a company method of pitching that systematically tackles the three phases of a pitch; preparing, pitching, and following up.



We have themed the workshop to a pitching sport, baseball. Or, if you prefer, it can be cricket.



•Who to target and how to reach your target audience?

•How to establish a pitch team?

•Running a pitch

•Creatively differentiating yourselves

•Establishing the relationship

•Understanding what the client really wants

•Structuring your presentation for comprehension and persuasion

•Making your presentation memorable

•Creative ways to stay in touch

•Learning from every pitch and implementing improvements.



This workshop is ideal for the senior team who has to lead new-business pitches. A smaller focused group is preferred. We should keep the number below 10 people.



The workshop is conducted over two consecutive days. An optional third day can be included if you wish to work on a current “live” pitch. Your facilitator will do his/her best to help you win the account.




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“ProSeed provided our Group with a customized and comprehensive training solution, aimed at strengthening our operations across various markets with their global expertise.

From a tailor-made curriculum, to the best global trainers, they successfully addressed the specific needs of our multicultural teams, who enjoyed the practical and inspiring workshops, designed to help them improve all areas of their day-to-day business activities and performance.”

Choueiri Group,