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Present Creatively


Now there's a Presentation Skills workshop that addresses all of the essentials to making effective and impactful presentations. And it has one magic ingredient: Tell It, Jell It, Sell It.



Tell It, Jell It, Sell It, or TJS, is a proprietary tool of Allsorts Habit Creation. It is a creative method of presenting that provides a structure to keep the presenter focused and the audience interested. The result is more impactful and more memorable presentations. Plus, it provides a method for all members of the organization to work within, resulting in more unified team presentations.



•To build the confidence of presenters

•To enable participants to present in a clear and structured manner

•To minimize the time it takes to prepare a presentation

•To maximize presentation impact and memorability

•To demonstrate the advantages of injecting creativity into presentations

•To promote more unified team presentations by providing "one way" for the organization to present.



The workshop is conducted using a number of creative techniques. The workshop itself is a demonstration of the power of creativity in presentations. Additionally, the visual emphasis is on hands, because body language is a crucial aspect of every presentation.



•The essentials of presentation delivery: Vocal delivery and body language

•The importance of structure

•The TJS approach: The five-steps to creative presentation success

•How to start and close a presentation with impact

•The power of creativity

•Maintaining audience involvement and handling questions effectively

•The presentation versus the document they are not the same thing.



This workshop is relevant to all who make any sort of presentation to any sort of audience. It is particularly applicable to Media, Account Management, Planners, and Senior Management. The strict maximum number of participants for this workshop is 12.



The workshop is conducted over two consecutive days.

® Tell It, Jell It, Sell It and TJS are registered trademarks of Allsorts Habit Creation.



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Please keep in mind any of the programs can be customized to fit your exact needs


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…fantastic course, team were fully engaged, energy levels up and new enthusiasm... and even more importantly they were happier... 
not sure if its happy people are productive people or productive 
people are happy, depends on the individual, but you got to start 
somewhere and happy seems like a great start

Henkel Information Technology, Gordon Tredgold, Head of Global Service Delivery (GSD),